Reduce, Reuse, Recycle






As a responsible member of the business community, it is our ambition to work towards eliminating the impact that manufacturing has on the environment. Our efforts drive us towards sustainability. We are commited to leaving the environment better than we found it.



Alumni applies a concentrated effort to the three R's within our production, packaging, and shipping process. The result of our motivation is having a cleaner environment that produces less waste and uses as many recyclable materials as possible.


Alumni has implemented a Safe Materials Testing Program (SMTP) to ensure that all materials that are used meet or exceed Federal Regulation. Our products are tested to meet ASTM, NEMA, and Fed Spec. standards. Alumni uses Internationally Renowned Testing Labs to ensure product safety and quality.


We want our children to grow up in a healthy environment so that their children can too.


Alumni Classroom Furniture is compliant with the testing requirements in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008.